Ezra & Nehemiah

by Matthew Levering


256pp.   $29.99c

Publication Date: September 2007

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Matthew Levering (PhD, Boston College) is professor of religious studies at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. He is the author or editor of numerous books, including the forthcoming The Theology of Augustine, and coauthor of Holy People, Holy Land.

Endorsements & Reviews

“This is not a commentary in the strict sense of the term. It is a historical and theological exposition of themes that surface as the narratives of the book unfold. In this way Levering provides extensive information that throws light on what might otherwise be unfamiliar information.”—Dianne Bergant, CSA, Bible Today

“[Ezra & Nehemiah] focuses on how these books fit within the overall story of the Bible. . . . This is a good addition to other commentaries helping preachers take the step from close examination of the text to seeing how each portion of this story fits in the whole flow of redemption. . . . [It] points the way to thinking more theologically in these books.”—Ray Van Neste, Preaching

“The book well fulfills the purpose of the [Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible] series in an intellectually coherent and interesting way. It has much to teach even those opposed to such theological readings. . . . The book might find particular use in classes within Christian theological education where the books of Ezra and Nehemiah find little, if any, purpose except as appropriated through supercessionalist readings of Second Temple Judaism, often inherent within the standard theological backgrounds of the discourse.”—John W. Wright, Religious Studies Review